First Watch provides small business owners with protection and true value.

First Watch customers get the tools they need to prepare, reduce risk, and react to a data breach.

First Watch frees up the time I need for my normal duties.”
— Judy S.

As a lawyer and President of a non-profit debt management company, I know there are federal and state laws pertaining to how data breaches need to be handled. Although I am an attorney, I don’t have the time to take away from my normal duties. First Watch is a smart investment that helps protect my business.”

First Watch costs less than hiring an attorney.”
— Luke M.

I run a print manufacturing business and our company is concerned about data breaches. Finding the time to do what is required was tough to do. First Watch gave us the tools to help prevent a data breach and was less expensive than hiring an attorney.”

“I knew I could no longer ignore the risk.”
— Terri H.

“When I read that almost 2/3 of data breaches were at companies with less than 100 employees, I realized I could no longer ignore the risk. I do not have the time or the money to worry about this, I want to focus on my own business. I turned to First Watch. They have my back.”

First Watch lets me focus on my own business.”
— Barb B.

As the President of a wholesale distribution company, I know the importance of protecting my business from data breach risks, but my time is limited, and my focus is on my business. That’s why I rely on the experienced experts at First Watch.”

First Watch gave me easy-to-use tools.”
— Jim T.

I am President of a consulting company. I was thinking that my technology defenses protected me from a data breach. Little did I realize that the law requires much more. First Watch gave me easy to use tools.”

“ … compliance is important, but I simply don’t have the time.”
— Eric R.

I own a small accounting firm and am very busy with my clients and work. I know data breach law compliance is important, but I simply don’t have the time. The rate that I charge for one hour of work is more than what First Watch costs me for an entire month.”

The cost of First Watch was less per month than I spend on copy paper.”
— Dave V.

We process credit cards at our business which exposes us to the risk of our employees misusing this information. I’ve heard that over 60% of all data breaches are caused by employees. It just made sense to me to let First Watch help me reduce those risks. And the price was less than what I spend on copy paper each month.”

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